Book Review: Linking Arms Together : American Indian Treaty Visions of Law and Peace, 1600-1800 by Robert A. Williams, Jr.



Mourning ritual, Condolence Council ritual, Requickening ritual, Great Peace, Sacred Pipe of Peace, multicultural relations, kinship systems, thinking independently, acting for others, Law of Blood, Sharing Caring and Reciprocity, Covenant Chain.

Events of Treaty; Wampum gift giving, storytelling, dancing. Treaty events seen by Europeans as something that needed to be tolerated in order to conduct business. This intolerance formed United States to what it is.

Many quotations of Native American Chiefs, English settlers, and United States Presidents; shows many diverse interpretations of treaty relations.

Describes relations between tribes before Encounter Era. Leads into relations with Europeans during Encounter era. Conclusion offers ways to apply history today.