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Plants:Animals:Humans – Philosophy



In his book Genealogy of Morality, Friedrich Nietzsche writes of becoming more Chinese. He writes of hibernating, internalizing human instincts. Nietzsche identifies problems. Oftentimes he goes on generalizing a problem, writing it is a problem of man, or a condition of being human. (Genealogy of Morality, Nietzsche)

Identifying a problem, claiming the problem is common to everyone, then offering a solution; for everyone. This way of thinking seems to be foundation of western philosophy: One man arriving at a realization, then writing about how everyone can be improved the same way he was.

This way of thinking displays narrow mindedness, lack of observation, lack of big world view, pretentiousness, and weakness. Narrow mindedness because every person has their own path in life, forming realizations their way. Lack of observation, because he wrote of becoming more Chinese, without elaboration. Lack of big world view, because many communities of the world may not have problems he identifies as being common to every human. Pretentiousness because Nietzsche claims to provide solutions that will work for anyone. Weakness because communities without problems he identifies, may contain solutions to his problems.

In his book Literature and Revolution, Leon Trotsky writes of man becoming musical in movement and talk. (Literature and Revolution, Trotsky)

Already figured out. Indian and Asian opera combine song, dance, Martial Arts, storytelling, and music.

A different view: animal forms of kung fu.

Humans mimic movements performed by animals. Animal like movements progressed into animal forms. Forms, or sequences of movement, contain many attributes that maintain health and wellness for many people. If performed with others, then individuality may sprout from relating strengths and weaknesses, to strengths and weaknesses of others. This notion seems far distant from solutions provided by western philosophy.

Group exercises that promote individuality are now available to learn throughout America. Highly advanced movements from around the world, cultivated over many generations, proven effective, respected and revered by whole nations.

How do group exercises apply to philosophy?

Group exercises relate one person to another. Everyone has their own individual journey, with their realizations and progression. As individual’s progress, they may learn about themselves, while influencing the group as a whole.

This may increase:

  • sense of purpose
  • awareness of one’s own strengths and weaknesses
  • relating one’s strengths and weaknesses to strengths and weaknesses of others
  • individual progress influencing progress of group
  • awareness that what works for one person, may not work for another

We all have problems. One person’s problems may not be common to every human. Strong communities developed advanced group exercises that are currently available for learning throughout America.

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