Eyes on the Surprise

“The open honest style of writing Michael used kept me seeing through his eyes… I have a much better understanding of how martial arts can be used to better us mentally and physically after reading his thoughts and walking his journey with him…” -Father

“I LOVED this book. What a sense of adventure, an inspiration to live to the fullest while learning to be the best person you can be.” -Mother


I published a book I been writing for years and years. I traveled around to learn the hidden ways of the world. With true stories, this book communicates the knowledge I found.
Self realization, Surf, Camping, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Hawaii, NYC, Travel, Adventure, Traditional Martial Arts, Breathing technique, Visualization techniques, Wellness techniques, Construction work, Injuries.

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Nicaragua Grand Canal

Previous post with links concerning China investment and aid in Canada, Africa, and Carribean: http://llavealhighway.com/chinese-relations-with-canada-carribean-and-africa/

“HKND Group is a company headquartered in Hong Kong. In partnership with the government of Nicaragua, HKND Group is focused on the development of the Nicaragua Grand Canal and Development Project – a major infrastructure project with the potential to transform global trade, and make Nicaragua an important hub for transportation and logistics.” (http://hknd-group.com/portal.php?mod=list&catid=30)

HKND Group homepage: http://hknd-group.com/portal.php?mod=list&catid=2



Read at your own risk.

1. Detrimental – assuming thoughts of others

2. Detrimental – using word “we” to generalize all humans

3. Detrimental – assuming all other humans share same problems

3. All that is needed was realized by Native Americans. No need to reinvent the wheel. This applies to all aspects of life.

4. Humans changed mountains, forests, habitats, ecosystems, coastlines, composition of air, flow of ocean, flow of river. Humans changed climate. Climate is now changing human population.

5. For every place; amount of sun, water, and soil nutrients limits amount of plant life. For every place; amount of plant and human life limits amount of animal life. For every place; amount of human awareness limits amount of peaceful existence, for plants/animals/humans.

6. When chickens overcrowded, they peck at each other. When humans overcrowded, they peck at each other. Technology enables overcrowded humans to peck at humans in far off lands instead of facing local reality.

7. Young ones have access to internet. Young ones are exposed to many heavy, evil corruptions of the world. This influence of biased worldly concepts is hindering their individualism.

8. If youth will be exposed to complex worldly notions, then they need to participate in equally complex activities that enable them to forget the world.

9. A nation of humans, no matter how small or large. If they do not grow all the food they eat, manufacture all the clothing they wear, then they have no authority to influence/tell/dictate other nations of humans what to do.

10. A society that cannot face their own weaknesses will not become stronger and well rounded.

11. The Sun will rise again tomorrow morning.