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From 3rd grade

From 3rd grade. No longer wanting to be myself, no longer wanting to have money. Still wanting the world to be free.

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Book Review: Hawaii A Pilipino Dream by Virgilio Menor Felipe


“So let’s make the difference of going about life where I came from and here in Hawaii. All you have to do is look at the land and see what’s planted-why so much of only two kinds: sugar and pineapple? Then you look at who is doing the work in those fields for hot and sweaty money to live on. After you see that unmistakably clear in your mind, witness who owns that land. Don’t the owners print your paychecks and own the bank you cash it in, and put in your security savings? It is all planned, isn’t it? Like walking through a tight squeeze of one-way concrete canals. You have to economize so you can save and accumulate a good lump sum of freedom. ‘S right, no? Eh, brah? You better look around, and be honest with yourself. But whatever you do, you gotta keep your cool. Okay?” (page 40)

“By lunchtime, we gathered around the linubyan. Tata said, “Tighten your belts, my beloved ones.” Everyone expected that, but in our silence we had hoped it wouldn’t be so. “We may as well eat from the fallen trees before we dip in the granary.” Just like that, Tata gave the clear instruction for the coming year.” (page 74)

Thank you Virgilio Felipe, for finding inside story of Lilo Bonipasyo, and for writing about his journey. Many lessons, observations, history, and relations to Mother Earth.

Plants:Animals:Humans – Wants, Needs, and Ironwood Trees


Tree of want,
like ironwood,
dropping needles,
inhibiting trees of need from growing,
hiding/destroying what is needed,
creating acidic soil.
Soil must be amended to grow trees of need,
not natural.
Ironwood is a tree of want,

taking land for its own kind, disrespecting what already is here,
wanting more until only its own kind can survive.
Wanting, confusing Needs.

Who has knowledge of trees needed? The ones who were here before ironwood was brought here. Before ironwood confused land to point that trees of need are hidden. What is needed; is hidden.
Who can lead us to what is needed?
Who knows trees of need?
The ones who were here before ironwood was brought here.

As kid, tree of want introduced by education, media, internet, advertising. Make a satisfying life difficult to achieve. As tree of want grows, it is like ironwood tree as it takes over areas where trees of real need once grew.
Real needs die off, leaving only wants.
Something must be amended for trees of need to grow. Who knows the path, who knows how to amend? The ones who were here before the ironwood was brought here. The ones who were content caring for trees of need.

If all ironwoods cleared at same time, then sun will scorch when trees of need are planted. If trees of want are chopped down gradually, then trees of need may grow in shade of the wanting trees. When trees of need are grown enough to embrace full sunlight, the trees of want will no longer be needed.

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